One of Cornerstone’s main desires is to be a … “Caring Community Caring for the Community”.  For this reason, know that when you come to Cornerstone, you will be warmly greeted and cared for.  When you arrive, someone at the door will take an authentic interest in you and give you a Cornerstone Welcome Packet that will give you some details about us – our vision, values, ministries, and  activities.  Something else you will find there will be a “Let’s Get Acquainted” card.  This is so useful for us to continue in the “Caring” portion of this ministry.   When you fill it out, we will then be able to know you better, meet any shared needs that we can, and will bring cookies to your doorstep – that’s right, … cookies!   So, everyone in our Care Ministry looks forward to your coming and joining us soon.    God bless!