Chances are good that you have been asking yourself, “Is civility dead?” Any time spent on social media will likely make you wish that people, especially people who hold your own views, would master the art of being generous and courteous in their discussions, or not say (or post) anything at all. Most of the time when folks engage in difficult topics, we all end of looking like this classic photo from the movie 12 Angry Men.

One of the podcast’s I (John) have found helpful, challenging, and socially relevant over the past several years is The Q Podcast. This podcast highlights a spectrum of views on hot-button social issues and to use their tagline, Stay Curious. Think Well. Advance Good. Using a Ted-Talk type approach to presentations, the speakers on this podcast have recently covered topics including titles like “Post-Election Reflections” and “How Do I Love and Support My Gay Friends.” Speakers on these podcasts range from long-time Christian radio preacher Tony Evens to Hollywood actor Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development).

I would like to especially recommend the most recent podcast, Episode 115 with thinker and Christian apologist Oz Guinness, called Getting Along, Despite Differences. (Episode 111 is also really good).  Extract from the Q Podcast website is included below.

“In a globalized world where ideas, religions and ethnic groups collide, the question remains, can we find a way through? Even former President Bill Clinton recently remarked, “We only have one remaining bigotry. We don’t want to be around anybody who disagrees with us.” In this talk, historian and social observer Os Guinness warns that in a public square with competing views, learning to listen and respect people, while supporting the freedom for people to live by their conscience is the only way to experience a productive peace. We can’t inspire others to a more free existence unless we know how to model it ourselves.”

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