Paul describes in 1 Timothy 6 the marks of a false teacher.
As we enter the new year it's an opportune time to consider the cost of following Christ.
Week 4 of Advent at The Cornerstone - Jesus Brings Peace.
Part 3 in our Christmas Advent series.
In Week 2 of our Advent Service we take a closer look at the character of Simeon. Simeon in all likelihood did not live to see the ministry of Jesus.…
God with us brings HOPE.
Paul provides some additional thoughts on how to honor Elders and Masters
Do you have a widow in your life?  What does Paul have to say about how we, as Christians, should care for the widows in our lives.
What does Paul mean in his letter to 1 Timothy when he writes "Let No One Despise You for Your Youth"? What is the role of our youth within the…
What does it mean to be devoted to God? What are some of the ways we can show our devotion?
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