How well do you think that 2 Timothy 4 speaks to the end of one ministry and the beginning of another for Timothy? Listen to this current sermon by the…

The Complete Person

February 3, 2019
If we want to be a worker that is approved, we have got to get over silly arguments over doctrinal rabbit-trails. We have to pursue holiness, and not be constantly…
Guard and Keep...what has been entrusted to your care. Listen as Paul charges Timothy to guard and keep what has been entrusted to him.
Paul describes in 1 Timothy 6 the marks of a false teacher.
As we enter the new year it's an opportune time to consider the cost of following Christ.
Week 4 of Advent at The Cornerstone - Jesus Brings Peace.
Part 3 in our Christmas Advent series.
In Week 2 of our Advent Service we take a closer look at the character of Simeon. Simeon in all likelihood did not live to see the ministry of Jesus.…
God with us brings HOPE.