As we continue our series in 1 Timothy  we learn more about the church at Ephesus and how they struggled with several areas: 1. False Teachers and Teaching, Confusion and…
Bible Text: Matthew 5:1-12 | Preacher: John Thompson | Series: Beatitudes What does it mean to be persecuted?  Who are the persecuted? What does Jesus have in mind when he says, "Blessed are the persecuted."
Bible Text: Matthew 5:9-12 | Preacher: John Thompson | Series: Beatitudes Peacemakers -- a disruptive conversation. Christian non-violence, Just war Theory and proactive peacemaking.  
Bible Text: Matthew 7:28-29 | Preacher: Rich McGovert | Series: Beatitudes Are we amazed  at Jesus? Truly amazed!! His teaching, His healing, and how He works in and through your life?