Our family just re-watched 2017 holiday movie The Man Who Invented Christmas and loved it. Now, to be fair, The Thompson Family have read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens from beginning to end on or around Christmas day for the last five years, so we are fans, but often movies are never as a good as the book. In fact, I usually tell folks, “Don’t judge a book by its movie!” The Man Who Invented Christmas is the exception!

First of all, it’s not a direct book to movie re-telling, as it focuses on the complicated personal life of Dickens as he writes what has been come to known as one of the great pieces of literature. Because of this unique perspective, we see Dickens picking famous lines out of everyday conversations with family members, servants, upper-crust socialites, loan-sharks, and street-people. The concept works beautifully, especially if you recognize the characters and quotes as they appear.

While not a “Christian” film, this beautiful piece of story-telling communicates a worthy-while message of love thy neighbor. As an added bonus, you can watch for free on Amazon Prime.  Or you can start reading A Christmas Carol with our family right now! Merry Christmas!